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Clean, beautiful rugs are not only stunning to look at, but they also better retain their value and enhance your home’s visual appeal. The Atlantic1 team specializes in providing you with cutting edge cleaning services that can restore your rugs to their former glory, including silk rugs, wool rugs, area rugs, custom rugs, Indian rugs, antique rugs, Chinese rugs, Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and Turkish rugs. Working with our professional staff of cleaners ensures the best results for all your rugs, to help you enjoy the woven works of art for many, many years.

Our Process

Beautifully handmade rugs, such as silk, Indian, antique, custom made, Chinese, Oriental, Turkish, and Persian, are generally made with natural fibers and dyes. The Atlantic1 qualified team specializes in the proper care these delicate rugs require, including using cleaning agents with the correct PH balance to prevent browning, color fading, and discolorations. We also adjust cleaning temperatures and pressures to meet the special requirements of each type of rug and use a whole line of cleaning agents and stain removers specially formulated to safely and effectively clean a wide range of fibers from hardy to delicate, including cotton, wool, and silk, as well as a variety of synthetics, such as fringed synthetics, bound synthetics, and braided rugs.

Why Hire Atlantic1?

Did you know that pounds of soil can accumulate in the fibers of your rugs? Even weekly vacuuming can’t prevent this! Our technicians are highly trained professionals with years of experience in restoring your rugs to their “as-new” condition and removing the heavy soil that has accumulated. Atlantic1 can handle all kinds of rug stains that you may encounter, such as pet stains, wine stains, food stains, and heavy soil.

Free Pick Up and Delivery
We know your time is valuable, that is why Atlantic1 offers free pick up and delivery. Our professional technicians will help move your furniture, roll and remove the rug, and then bring it to our facility for cleaning and drying. Once the rug is cleaned, fully dried, and ready to be delivered, a representative will call you and schedule a delivery time and day.

Detailed Service
Atlantic1 understands how important your rugs are to you. Whether it’s an heirloom or an expensive one-of-a-kind rug, our technicians are committed to providing you with custom, top quality, effective solutions that will enhance the appearance of your rugs and ensure they provide beauty and longevity.

Located in South Florida
Our skilled technicians can deliver the right solutions for all types of rugs, and we are based in South Florida. Atlantic1 will make sure your priceless rugs get the most careful treatment and are brought to their finest condition. If you are looking for an experienced rug cleaner, Atlantic1 Cleaning Services can provide you with top quality services at affordable prices to ensure your satisfaction.
Call us at 786-262-6454 to schedule an appointment.

Steps to Effective Rug Cleaning

Every rug is different and that is why we follow an 8 step cleaning program to safely restore your rugs.

  1. Inspection.With every rug, we first do a visual inspection and let you know what results to expect from a professional cleaning. We will identify any areas of concern, including pet urine, wear, tear or damage.

  2. Test. We then test your rug for colorfastness and to determine what dyes are present to customize the cleaning process for your rugs.

  3. Dust & Soil Removal We will use care in removing dirt and deep dust from your rugs and ensure that they are ready for further cleaning by our expert technicians. Taking this extra step to remove all dust, dirt, and debris can leave your rug looking better after cleaning and can extend the life of your rug.

  4. Pretreat & Custom Treatment We will pretreat any stains or spots to maximize the results of your rug cleaning. Stains will get a better cleaning, and urine or pet stains will get deodorized and removed so there are no leftover odor or marks.

  5. Special Attention & Hand Clean of Fringes We will remove any knots in the rug fringes and hand clean your rug’s fringes if necessary to ensure they will look their best and brightest.

  6. Washing & Rinsing Rugs are then washed with a professional cleaning fluid to remove deep dirt and dust and to restore the brilliant colors and designs of your valuable rugs. Specialized brushes are used to provide deep cleaning during this process and to remove any lingering traces of dirt and stains from your rug without causing damage. We also adjust cleaning temperatures and pressures to meet the special requirements of each type of rug. After your rug is cleaned, we rinse it with a pH balanced solution that will remove any leftover cleaning agents in your rug.

  7. Drying We will naturally air dry your rug. This ensures the delicate fibers are not strained or damaged during the drying process. We then test to make sure that the rug is completely dry.

  8. Final Inspection Finally, we inspect the rug to ensure that you got the best possible results. Only if we are satisfied with the cleaning, we will arrange for the delivery of your rug back to you.

Types of Rugs

Area Rugs
Have a favorite area rug that needs some TLC? Atlantic1 is ready to help with the best cleaning products that are specialized for your rug, plus the knowledge and experience for even the most delicate pieces.
Silk Rugs
Delicate, beautiful silk rugs require the absolute best when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Contact Atlantic1’s team for specialized care and restoration of your silk rugs.
Wool Rugs
Rugs made of wool are often gorgeous, handmade pieces and need the best care for proper cleaning and restoration. Atlantic1’s team of technicians use a whole line of products specially formulated to get the best results for your prized rugs.
Custom Rugs
Custom rugs are beautiful and expensive handmade pieces. Atlantic1's qualified technicians will give them the proper care they deserve.
Indian Rugs
Intricate and stunning, handmade Indian rugs are unique and stylish, and also require expert cleaning and restorative care. The Atlantic1 team uses top of the line cleaning products and specializes in washing your delicate, handmade Indian rugs.
Antique Rugs
Antique rugs are not only delicate, they are valuable works of art meant to be treasured. Atlantic1’s rug experts provide the best cleaning and restoration to even the most delicate of antique rugs.
Chinese Rugs
Unique, Chinese rugs are among the most sought after pieces of woven art and require the absolute best when it comes to cleaning and restoration. Atlantic1 specializes in the proper care of even the most delicate rugs, with special cleaning agents and years of experience in handling handmade Chinese rugs and more.
Oriental Rugs
Oriental rugs are some of the most beautiful and most valuable rugs, and are often exquisitely handmade. Atlantic1 specializes in the most up-to-date cleaning and care for all types of Oriental rugs.
Persian Rugs
Known for their intricate designs and stunning colors, handmade Persian rugs need best in class cleaning and restoration. Atlantic1s team of rug experts have the knowledge and experience, and use top of the line cleaning products, to give your rugs the care they require.
Turkish Rugs
Handmade Turkish rugs are not only beautiful to look at, they tell stories as old as time with their intricately woven fibers. The Atlantic1 team’s qualified technicians have the knowledge and experience in the best cleaning methods for even the most delicate rugs. Contact Atlantic1 to schedule your appointment.

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