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The Carpet Cleaning Process

commercial carpet cleaningThere is nothing more difficult than choosing the right carpet cleaner. There are many different companies using many different methods. With so many options how do you make the right choice? The Atlantic1 exclusive Hot Water Extraction Method, using truck mounted equipment and powerful cleaning agents make it the most effective and thorough extraction method in the industry. Atlantic1's exclusive process begins with an all natural, hypo-allergenic pre-spray being applied to the carpet that begins to emulsify and break up the dirt and soils. Then, the 200 degree water and powerful suction extract deep down dirt, cleaning solution, and 95% of moisture for a fast drying time. It also removes dust mites, allergens, and other microscopic pollutants that collect in your carpet and can trigger allergies and other breathing problems.

Our exclusive method leaves no soapy residue, which keeps carpets cleaner longer as well as being safe for children and pets. You can clearly see that Atlantic1 is the best way to protect your investment.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Atlantic1 protects your investment! Every day, harmful soils are ground into your carpet that cause wear and unsightly traffic areas. Regular cleaning and protection from Atlantic1removes this dirt to prevent wear and extend the life of the carpet. Atlantic1's deep cleaning process also improves indoor air quality by removing allergens and microscopic pollutants that collect in your carpets and contaminate the air you breathe. Atlantic1 has your answer for any commercial problem. Powerful emulsifiers for kitchen and food grease or heavy foot traffic. An array of deodorizers and odor eliminators for a variety of problems. Carpet and fabric protectants to allow your carpet and upholstery to withstand the heavier commercial traffic and look good for years to come. We also offer 24-hour emergency service to accommodate any water damage problems, should they arise. We offer free estimates as well as substantial discounts for contracts. Contact Atlantic1 today and start protecting your investment.

Benefits of Planned Carpet Maintenance

Asset Management

Planned carpet maintenance provides maximum value for the carpet investment. The carpet will have a longer useful life, present a more prestigious image, and support a more aesthetically pleasant workplace. It will perform as intended in the areas of color, aesthetics, style, acoustics, safety, and insulation.

Appearance Management

Planned carpet maintenance provides for a continuous high level of appearance. The carpet never gets to that unacceptable point. Instead of always wishing the carpet could look as great as it does immediately following cleaning, planned maintenance eliminates the wishing. It does allow the carpet to look great all the time.

Professional Image

Company concern for employees and customers as well as the surroundings of the business is enhanced in the eyes of building occupants and users. If the carpet is allowed to deteriorate to an unacceptable appearance level, that image and show of concern is tarnished. A well maintained carpet presents a professional and prestigious image.

Healthier Indoor Environment

Planned carpet maintenance provides a cleaner, healthier indoor environment. All of the issues of indoor air pollution, tight buildings, and the role of carpet as a filter and/or sink in the indoor environment point to carpet cleaning on a regular on-going basis as a major factor in maintaining a healthy environment in which to live and work. Studies done by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 1991 and 1994 confirm that planned commercial carpet maintenance improves the healthful condition of an indoor environment.

Reduce or Control Ownership Costs

Since carpet is not allowed to deteriorate to an unacceptable level, cleaning procedures are less aggressive and complex and therefore less expensive. Frequent carpet cleaning also reduces the amount of dust and particulates that find their way into the air and therefore reduces janitorial costs for cleaning. Since regular cleaning will prolong the useful life of the carpet, the costs of maintenance are amortized over more time when compared to replacement cost. Ownership cost can be calculated by adding the total cost of owning the carpet and dividing by its useful life. Ownership cost can include: downtime of the workplace while the carpet is being replaced, tear-up of old carpet, clean-up of floor, floor prep costs, cost of new carpet, cost of installation, and total cost of maintenance.


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